War and Beyond Deadly Strategies

Number of Plays

All using mouse


[X and C] or [Arrow Keys] to Scroll the screen
[~1234567890-=] to select unit types
[ASDF] to toggle panels
[A] to jump to AI (only for some screens)


War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies is a flash strategy game that combines defense game systems with attack. In War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies, you are not only able to build your base and defense towers but you can also train units to attack the enemy base. On top of that, you can determine the AI of your units to command them whether or not to attack or defend.

4 houses - Manpower, Firepower, Alien Tech, Trade Secrets.

3 strategies - Resources, Army, Defense Systems.

2 objectives - Attack and Defend.

1 war - War and Beyond.

Production Crew : Josh Tam, Jess the Dragoon Shoukei, Armor Games, Eric kai3114, Joshua Tomar, Kheni